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About Us

  • About The Great Big Tree Climbing Company

    The Great Big Tree Climbing Co. brings an exciting, new, mobile form of outdoor adventure activity to anywhere in the UK. Since its creation in 2008 it has grown to become the largest provider of recreational tree climbing activities in the country. From its location in south Wiltshire, The Great Big Tree Climbing Co. has developed an impressive list of regional clients across almost all regions of the UK. Amongst these are a number of National Trust sites, county councils, country parks, luxury holiday providers and education providers. We are proud to have worked with several of the largest National Trust properties in the UK.

  • Virtues

    The Great Big Tree Climbing Co. has developed its strong reputation and brand name through the development of rigorous health and safety procedures along with targeted staff training and mentoring schemes. As we take such pride in our reputation it is imperative to us that anyone who works or trains under our brand understands our virtues.


    This is paramount to all of the activities that we carry out. Safety is more important to us than any other aspect of what we do. If our activities are not safe they cannot be carried out. If anyone operating our activities feels there is a safety issue it should always be automatically reported to the team leader.


    We work closely with many institutions and schools providing team building and learning activities. Working alongside individuals from all backgrounds we can develop skills and attributes which enable them to succeed in other areas of their lives.


    Participants wish to try all of our activities because they see them as fun. We wish that anyone participating in our activities is treated as special and given the attention they deserve, to ensure they have a memorable time. For many children our activities are their first experience with heights. A positive experience can lead to children gaining new found confidence. We are very proud to provide an opportunity for children and adults to confront their fear of heights.

    Environmentally Friendly

    As our activities take place in trees, they take place in a natural environment. We wish to minimise our impact to this environment and the wildlife within it. We urge all of our instructors to work with the tree as it is and only remove dead pieces of wood. Furthermore many of our events are run in conservation areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty, SSSI sites and even listed landscapes. We take pride in leaving a site looking how it did before we arrived. All ages from 6 years old can take part and it is a great fun family activity. Tree climbing tests co-ordination and children and adults feel a huge sense of achievement when they have completed a climb. All of our locations mean you will get to see an amazing view and see the world from a bird’s perspective, looking through the leaf canopy and seeing what the squirrels see.

  • Institute for Outdoor Learning Membership

    The Great Big Tree Climbing Company strives to combine high safety standards, professionalism and an environmental approach. Such values have led us to become members of the Institute for Outdoor Learning.