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Health And Safety

  • Personal, protective equipment.

    At The Great Big Tree Climbing Company we want our climbers to feel safe at all times. Each climber will be fitted with a harness and helmet. During any of our activities carried out at height the participants are always securely attached to a safety line. All climbers will have constant supervision from our instructors and will be instructed throughout the climb.

    All of our equipment is inspected regularly by team leaders and also by a qualified LOLER inspector every six months. You can therefore be assured that all of our equipment meets industry standards at all times.

    We use trusted manufacturers in the outdoor industry, such as:
    • Petzl
    • Black diamond
    • DMM
    • Yale
    • New England


    We recommend you wear comfortable and practical outdoor clothing. Some participants prefer to wear trousers and long sleeves to avoid being scratched by rough bark; however this is personal preference. Furthermore please dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Footwear should have a good grip, such as trainers or walking boots.

  • Qualifications

    All of our activity instructors carry out our rigorous, in house training program. After six years of operations we have developed a training program specific to recreational tree climbing instruction. If an instructor hasn’t passed a unit within the program they will not able to practice this unit with the public, without supervision from a team leader.

    Team leaders will have completed all units within our training manual and also have completed an even more extensive team leader training program.  Additional qualifications for team leaders also include emergency first aid training and a basic tree surveying qualification.

  • Insurance

    We hold public liability insurance specific to the activities included in recreational tree climbing. This has a maximum pay out of up to £10million for any one incident. Please be aware of other tree climbing providers using invalid insurance. If their insurance is only for commercial arboriculture it is unlikely to cover recreational tree climbing activities. Copies of our insurance details can be produced on request

  • We’re passionate about trees

    At The Great Big Tree Climbing Company we’re passionate about trees and the environment, so we want to ensure that the trees we use in our activities are not damaged in any way. We climb the tree by using ropes and a harness. The ropes run through a cambian saver to ensure there is no rubbing or damage to the tree branches. We have a sister company called Hawes Arborists, so we know how to handle a tree. We also ensure all wildlife is protected whilst we go about our activities. During the nesting season we take particular care not to disrupt nesting birds.

    All of our trees for-go a detailed inspection and in addition Team Leaders on the day use a generic tree inspection form. This ensures that we do not miss any recent damage or structural issues of the tree which could compromise the safety of participants.

  • Collaboration in the industry

    We are currently in discussions with other recreational tree climbing providers in the UK. We are hoping to form a regulatory body to ensure the safety of all climbers across the UK. Should you be a UK based recreational tree climbing company please do not hesitate to get in touch.