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Meet The Team

The Great Big Tree Climbing Company consists of a small and close knit management team.

Mark Hawes: Managing Director

A former estate agent, who gave up a successful career in the city to start a new life and adventure in the countryside. “My wife and I were looking to start a family and wanted to look at life from a different perspective. I am pleased to say we have never looked back. We’re delighted by the way the company has grown and the diversity of clients it attracts… from businesses looking for an unusual team-building activity and schools creating educational fun and adventure in the forest to outdoor event days and children’s parties.”


Eloise Hawes is your contact in our office, happy to help with any of your bookings or queries about The Great Big Tree Climbing Company. It is wonderful to be part of something that brings so much joy and fun into the lives of children and adults. Encouraging people to stop, take a moment, hang out in a tree and really enjoy their surroundings.



Oliver Dalton, Ops Manager

Oliver joined the company in 2013 and has worked as an instructor and team leader. He is excited to continue working for the company and experience a new challenge in ensuring the operational smoothness for 2018. Having a background in Animal Science and conservation he is keen to bring new ideas to the company, incorporating wildlife education.

Our brilliant Great Big Tree Climbing Instructors and Team Leaders are Chris Brock, Tim Chamberlain, Chris Brook, Will Waters, Nick Foxton, Matt Lawless, Kev Long, Sarah Outen, Tim Palmer, Beth Prentice, Gracie Rawlinson, Toby Armley, Sarah Reynolds, Neil Sheppard and Rozzy Waite. They all give 100% making sure each and every climber gets the best out of their time up in the trees.