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Adult Activity Days

  • What can you expect to get out of it?

    The Great Big Tree Climbing Company works with individuals or groups of adults to provide unique and fun activities. Whether you’re looking to organise a Stag or Hen Do or simply want to do something different with a group of friends on a day out, tree climbing could be just the activity for you.

    • Tree climbing is great exercise. You can get a good workout and use muscles you’ve never used before.
    • Great test of strength, stamina and agility.
    • Be taken out of your comfort zone. In our adult lives we often begin to fear things that as children, we never thought twice about!
    • Experience beautiful surroundings and enjoy the views from the treetop.
    • Enjoy the challenge; you’ll feel a great sense of achievement afterwards

    It’s a cost effective activity. Our activity often works out cheaper per person than other outdoor activities.

  • What’s included?

    All of our sessions are run by our highly trained instructors who can adapt your session to meet your individual needs and help you to achieve your goals. For the more confident climbers our instructors can advise them on more challenging routes and techniques. On the other hand for the less confident individuals you can feel free to sit and chat in the pleasant surroundings of the canopy. Regardless of ability, you can rest assured everyone will be fitted with a harness and helmet at all times whilst on our activities.

    Once at the top of the tree you’ll gain a perspective and appreciation of the outdoors which really can’t be found on any other activity.

  • How to book

    There are two different ways to book your session through us.

    Option one: Book your party at one of our pre-bookable event days

    All of our events are listed on our events calendar and can be be booked online, please see availability on the date you’re looking to have the party. If you are able to attend one of our pre-organised events at a National Trust site or other location, the cost is typically £20.00 per person. At some sites you may also need to pay your entrance fee in addition to this.

    Option two: Have a tailored party using your own tree?

    If you wish to organise an extra special party in the privacy of your grounds then we can organise a tailored party for you. All you need is to have access to a large, healthy tree and to tell us:
    • The number of participants.
    • The date of the party.
    • Your location in the country.
    • The age of the participants.
    • And take some photos of your tree!

    Please email this information to: [email protected] or if you would like to discuss the details please call us on 0800 0556760. One of our event managers will then message you back to discuss your party and provide a quote dependent on your needs.

    We look forward to hearing from you.