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  • A unique experience for everyone

    Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, child-minder, sibling, group of friends, couple or activity leader; it’s always tricky to think of something different and exciting to do on the weekend or in the school holidays. So why not try Recreational Tree Climbing? Our pre-bookable event days are the most popular and convenient way to tree climb with us.

    Tree climbing is suitable for almost anyone; however the below criteria does apply:
    • Seven years old or over (there’s no maximum age limit)
    • A healthy BMI (tree climbing does involve lifting your bodyweight with your arms and legs)
    • Haven’t been advised by a doctor not to take up strenuous exercise

    For individuals with a disability or learning difficulty please contact us in advance so we can advise you on suitability of our sessions.

  • A guide to our session format

    Our pre-bookable event days are usually run via an hour slot format. Each session contains a small number of participants, between 6-8 per group and two instructors teaching the session. Your session will start with a meet and greet, introduction of the session aims and health & safety elements. After everyone is equipped with a harness and helmet you will make your way over to the base of your tree. Once the instructors have securely attached you to your climbing system the tuition will begin. The components of the climbing system will be explained and our traditional technique will be taught to everyone at the same time.

    After five minutes you will understand the technique, at which point the instructors will let you gain your confidence and begin climbing up the rope. You will notice one of the instructors climbing alongside you, offering support where needed. Once in the canopy of the tree the instructors will adapt their tuition to suit your confidence level. Some participants may be encouraged to climb right to the top of their rope or even taught more complex techniques. Remember to leave time for photos, at 50ft up it’s no good asking someone on the ground to take one!

    Time flies and once the hour is almost up everyone will abseil out of the tree with their fellow instructor. Hopefully you will have gained a real sense of achievement but still have some questions to ask, such as; ‘how did you get the first rope up?’ or ‘I saw you use a different technique, what’s that called?’. High fives and handshakes will in order to congratulate you on your first tree climb and we will definitely hope to see you again. Oh and… try to remember the type of tree you climbed!

  • It’s quick and simple

    All of our events are listed on our events calendar; please see availability on the date you’re looking to attend. If you are able to attend one of our pre-organised events at a National Trust site or other location, the cost is typically between £15.50 and £19.00 per person and you can book online through us through our Latest Events page. At some sites you may also need to pay your entrance fee in addition to this.

    If you wish to have a private session, containing just members of your group, please book all seven slots in an hour. This is very common for family gatherings, birthday parties or work activity trips.








  • Frequently asked questions


    Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find you answer here please do contact us.

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