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Tree Chat

Tree Chat from our events at:-

Newby Hall

I just wanted to let you know that the team at Newby Hall were fantastic. they really made my little boys day (and my own!) with their super friendly and funny approach. Asking what his favourite sandwich was and all kinds. I’m sure they were tired by the time we joined them on Saturday but you would never have known 🤩 just felt that it deserved a big thank you and well done, marvellous experience with your company! Get them all a coconut 💖


Clayesmore School

A huge thank you to the guys at The Big Tree Climbing Company. Our Prep Boarders had an awesome day and even though the weather did not play ball, it made no difference to the enjoyment, in fact, it added to the thrill! The children felt an equal measure of challenge,  fun and pride and all of them left with huge grins on their faces. A huge success!

Charlotte Townsend

Assistant Head (Head of Pre-Prep and Nursery)

We are delighted to have been featured in The Guardian, 5th Dec 2019, Antonia Wilson wrote:- Christmas Gift Guide, 20 Great Travel Experiences

Swing from a harness and hoist yourself high up into a leafy canopy – The Great Big Tree Climbing Company takes the activity to the next level. A one-hour climb includes all the safety gear and is suitable for ages 6+, with events taking place at Hardcastle Crags in West Yorkshire, Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens in Kent and other UK sites

Hillier Gardens

Thanks for a great session yesterday. You totally converted our initially scared grand-daughter, and her Dad got to have a go as well, while she plucked up courage.
FYI, it turned out that she was scared at the thought until she saw people coming down again. She hadn’t worked out it was possible to come down, and thought she’d have to stay up there. That’s how the 8 year old mind works!
Best wishes and thanks
Beryl Pratley

Earth Trust

Just wanted to say our 5 girls (and Isaac) had a fabulous time at the tree climbing yesterday. Please thank the instructors for us (and apologies for the screeching!!).
Westmoreland Park, Bracknell
The girls had such great fun this morning. It did their confidence the world of good. Have tagged you on social media and will let St Josephs Primary School know how fab you were!

Larmer Tree Gardens
Thank you for an amazing Bank Holiday Monday tree climb at Larmer Tree Gardens – Chris and Kev were brilliant! The kids (12yrs and 8yrs) and I (a bit older than that!) – thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I think we are officially addicted to it now – hoping to climb again with you very soon!!!”

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much my two daughters (Annabelle and Vivian) enjoyed the tree climbing yesterday at Cliveden. Your staff were absolutely fantastic, especially with Annabelle who has mild autism but was still able to fully access to the activity. Vivian also really enjoyed the day and props to all the staff, but especially Sarah who is very friendly! Both girls are now so much more confident and want to climb more tree!

Chari-tree. Stanley Park, Alverstoke
We can not thank Kev and Neil at Big Tree Climbing enough for making two days climbing in our park so memorable for so many people. All walks of life, all ages turned up, donned helmets, got harnessed up, looked up, climbed up and never looked back. So many amazing memories made especially for those that high fived each other while sat on branches 30ft up.

Daneshill Prep School, Angus MacDonald
Just wanted to say how absolutely outstanding the instructors were yesterday. So professional, encouraging and charming to everyone here at school. Couldn’t recommend them more highly…Hopefully we’ll see you all again in the near future. Many thanks.

Julie Briggs climbed with us at Stonor Park and sent us this fantastic poem!

A prusiking we will go!

Excused from domestic duties I was free
So, my daughter and I decided to climb a big tree
The tree in question was a beautiful Copper Beech
But I feared its top most canopy was out of our reach

Harnessed up and ready to go we started our ascent
To get up that tree first this old bird was hell bent
To give those ‘Yummy Mummies’ a run for their money
All being trussed up like turkeys we did look funny

I prusiked hard to get to the top
For nothing at all was I going to stop
Below me I heard a cry of dismay
Sarah exulting there was too much tree in her way!

Swinging to and fro hello I said to a branch I didn’t choose
Ouch I cursed that’s going to bruise
With instructors looking on this I couldn’t botch
Although dangling around is not good for one’s crotch!

At last the end of the rope came into sight
Best not to look down in case of a fright
So, with one last pull and push of my feet
I certainly had this mighty tree beat

But suddenly the joy of the moment had gone
Despite reaching the top of the mum’s echelon
A thought crossed my mind causing a frown
How in God’s name am I going to get down?

No worries a voice shouted up from below
Loosen the knot and let yourself go
So, with a leap of faith and a silent murmur
Yay I was soon back safely on terra firmer

Although it had been nearly a year to wait
We didn’t get the T-shirt but instead a certificate
The moral of this ditty is I did not fall
So, get out there, enjoy life is my message to you all!

Surrey Hills Wood Fair 

We are delighted to be featured in this short film clips at Surrey Hills Wood Fair, done by the brilliant, Luke Whatley-Big0, 07500 860570 Professional Filmmaker / Photographer
Please follow this link for this year’s film and please follow this link for the 2018 film. Come and join us next year!